CB&Q Employee History

Disappointing News

Unfortunately, at this time, the BRHS is not aware of any employment records that have been preserved for the CB&Q. The CB&Q did archive its corporate records at the Newberry Library in Chicago, but most, if not all the employment records were destroyed after the Burlington Northern merger. We get many requests from genealogists, and at this time we have to disappoint all of them equally.

Genealogical Sources You Might Check

We can, however, offer these excellent links to help you with genealogical research:

Mormon Links
Surname Search

Railroad Retirement Board

One of the paths open to you for further information would be the Railroad Retirement Board records housed in the National Archives in Atlanta. The Railroad Retirement Board was started in 1936 to provide retirement benefits to full-time railroad workers. It continues to do so today. The National Archives web site is at:
https://www.archives.gov/atlanta/public/railroad-retirement-board-records?_g .

Please be advised that RRB's research room currently requires an appointment and they may be operating with reduced staff.

Since the RRB begain in 1936, if the searched for employee was retired before then, there may not be any records of him/her in the National Archives.



Other Sources You Might Check

Another source you can try is the Newberry Library in Chicago. They have a large collection on Genealogy. Additionally, they retain a number of records on the CB&Q, although I do not know if that includes any employment records. Their website is https://www.newberry.org/.

For more information on the Burlington Railroad, I suggest browsing through the remainder our web site, taking a look at our Periodical Index and the Bibliography we've prepared. Many of these books can be obtained at you local library through inter-library loans.

Also take a look at what Burlington Bulletins are available in our Company Store. They are the most comprehensive source of information on their particular subjects.

It has been suggested to attempt to gather Seniority Rosters from the various Divisions of the CB&Q.  We have started that process and as soon as they are available, we'll post a link to them from this page.