The Bernard G. Corbin Award

The Bernard G. Corbin Award is the highest honor given by the BRHS Board of Directors in recognition of a member's outstanding efforts to preserve the history of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. It is named in memory and honor of Bernard G. Corbin (April 28, 1907 - January 30, 1988), who was arguably the pre-eminent fan/historian/modeler of the Burlington. Corbin pronounced his name "Ber nerd," not "Ber nard," but he was commonly known to friends as Bernie (and any model railroader or fan of the Q or its affiliates was a friend).


October 8, 1988 - Jim Miller
October 10, 1992 - Rod (Bat) Masterson
October 10, 1992 - F. Hol Wagner
September 17, 1999 - David Lotz
September 20, 2003 - Jim Singer
October 14, 2006 - George Speir
September 10, 2011 - Lee Hastman
September 15, 2012 - Mike Spoor
September 13, 2014 - Gene Tacey
September 21, 2019 - Chuck Zeiler
October 9, 2021 - Leo Phillipp
September 9, 2022 - Rupert Gamlen


Life Memberships

Life Memberships to the BRHS are bestowed upon those that have made innumerable contributions to the preservation of CB&Q history and service to the BRHS over a period of many years. Only seven Life Memberships have been awarded in the history of the BRHS


1983 - Bernard Corbin
2004 - F. Hol Wagner, Jr.
2007 - Jim Singer

2013 - Mike Spoor
2018 - Tom Whitt
2019 - David Lotz
2021 - Jack Schroeder

George & Norma Singer Memorial Award

The Singer Award for Archival Contributions was created by the Board of Directors in 2018 in the name of George and Norma Singer, the parents of Jim Singer, who were the inspiration and motivation in Jim's efforts to establish a permanent Archive facility for the BRHS.  This award is given annually in recognition of that same spirit of inspiration and motivation in archival contributions, be it financial or physical, to the benefit of the BRHS Archive.  It was unanimous that the first recipient be Jim Singer.


2018 - Jim Singer
2019 - John Szwajkart

2020 - Al Kamm, III
2021 - Leon Ploger
2022 - Al Hoffman

The Fuka/Mieksizak Award


William Fuka and Leonard Miekiszak were supporters of the BRHS and CB&Q devotees for decades.  It is in their memory and the memory of other members who have passed away that the BRHS annually recognizes an individual or organization for contributing to the preservation of Burlington Lines History. The recipient is not required to be a BRHS member.


2000 - Rodney (Bat) Masterson
2001 - Jim Singer & Chuck Zeiler
2002 - Gerald Edgar
2003 - The Mendota Union            Depot Railroad Museum
2004 - Al Holck
2005 - Dave Beck
2006 - Ray Buhrmaster
           & Joe Douda
2007 - Oregon Depot
2008 - David Miner - Ft            Madison, Farmingtion &
           Western RR
2009 - The West Chicago City            Museum
2010 - Edward M. DeRouin
2011 - Donald D. Benson
2012 - The Newberry Library

2013 - Rupert Gamlen
2014 - Sara Phalen
2015 - Spring Meeting            Passenger Panel -
           Art Anderson,
           Dick Corrin,
           Forester DuSell,
           Mike Farris,
           Dave Hoffman
2016 - Jim Ehernberger
2017 - Leo Phillipp
2018 - J.W. (Bill) Schultz
2019 - William Barber            Louis Zadnichek
2020 - Jack Schroeder
2021 - Ralph (Bud) Linroth
2022 - The Vreeland Family

The Gandy Dancer Award


A "Gandy Dancer," according to Webster, is a laborer in a railroad section gang. Most likely they were given this name because of the tools they worked with daily, tools that were manufactured at the Gandy Manufacturing Company of Chicago. The gandy dancer has the most physically challenging, and one of the most important jobs on the railroad. Their position is not as glamorous, or as recognized as an engineer or conductor, however if it weren't for the rails they lay, the trains would not run.

This is also true with certain volunteers in the BRHS. Their efforts are essential to the smooth operation of the society, yet they do not seek, or often receive the recognition they deserve. The BRHS award is a slice of rail with a spike welded to it, mounted on an oak base which is symbolic of the important rail a gandy dancer lays.


1995 - David Beck
           George Speir
2017 - Jack Schroeder
2017 - Nancy & Scott Stearns
2018 - Jon Habegger
           Bill Hirt
           Bill Jelinek

2018 - Jon Habegger
           Bill Hirt
           Bill Jelinek
2019 - Jim Davidson
           Danny Hornback
2022 - Laird Brown
           Dan Hollis