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Volunteers Needed -

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities.

Read them over and find an area that you would like to volunteer in and thereby help strengthen and improve the BRHS organization.

Enter your name and email address below. Then check the boxes for areas you would like to become a BRHS volunteer. Or enter your volunteer ideas in the 'Comments' field below. We will contact you within 1-4 days. Thanks!
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1. Videographer -- Volunteers with video equupment are needed to record BRHS presentations in the Chicago area and elsewhere.
2. Archives Team -- Volunteers are needed to help organize and capture in the archives system the thousands documents located in the Baraboo facility. Read more.
3. Archives Scanning Team -- Volunteers are needed at the Baraboo facility to help scan and record the thousands of documents such as timetables into the BRHS Archives system. We will train you.
4. Photo Library Provenance -- Do you know something interesting or some facts about any of the photos in the BRHS Photo Library. If you do we need you to add your details or provenance to them. This is a work at home opportunity. We will train you.
5. Photo Library -- There are over 33,000 images in the Flickr photo gallery. With your help we can record many of them in the BRHS Photo Library database, making them included in the photo search system. This is a work at home opportunity. We can train you.

6. Q Rail Network -- Volunteers are need to improve the Google map pins so that they land on the location where the railroad station is located or where it once was located. This is a work at home opportunity. We will train you.

7. Zephyr Newsletter -- Do you like to write? Volunteers are need to contribute stories or columns to the news letter. We will train you.
8. BRHS Web Site Help -- Are you good with a computer and know about web site design or would like to learn about it? There are many opportunities to help with the updating of web content. We can train you.
9. Q Rail Network -- This feature on the BRHS site lists about 1,733 station/depots based on 1968 figures. If you know some interesting details about any of these stations we would invite you to add them to the feature. We will train you.