Burlington Route Historical Society
Sandwich Fair

For second year, the Burlington Route Historical Society is presenting our Society to the public at the 131st Sandwich Fair (Dekalb County, IL) from September 4 thru September 8, 2019. The Sandwich Fair is the oldest and largest county fair in Illinois, as well as the last in the year. While at the fair, the Society will be introducing several hundred thousand fair-goers over 5 days to our organization and publications with the Company Store from 8AM-10PM daily, with the exception being Sunday from 8AM-8PM.

The Fair is located at 1401 Suydam Road, Sandwich, IL 60548.

To make this opportunity even better, our tent is set up adjacent to the finest ¼ scale operating Burlington steam locomotive in existence, Augie Otto's Train! The locomotive was first run in 1973 and came to the Sandwich Fair in 1974, after being hand-crafted over seven years at a local farm. It is a Class 5-4 Hudson Type 4-6-4, Burlington series 3000 complete with a four car train set. The 3000 is operated by Augie's sons and two BRHS members! Everything on the locomotive is built to scale except the sound of the whistle, which is an authentic reproduction from listening to recordings of steam engines as they rolled thru Sandwich! The ticket booth to ride the train is a scale reproduction of the first Burlington Depot located at Batavia, IL.

And to add to allure of the train, we are located across the tracks from the largest food purveyor at the Fair, Fayes BBQ, serving up barbeque chicken and pork chops with all the trimmings. It is a tradition at the Fair to enjoy two things, a ride on Augie's Train and to eat at Fayes! This places us in a prime location to be able to expose our Society to many people over the course of the Fair.

We will be staffing the tent with three (3) persons daily in two (2) hour time slots, asking that you sign up for 2 – two (2) hour slots if you are able. You may split up the two hour slots if you choose. Bring your family along to enjoy the Fair while you are at the tent. This is a great opportunity for our Society and a chance to grow our membership, but it cannot be done without your help!

Member Jon Habegger has volunteered to coordinate the sign-up process and will assist in coordinating the shifts.
Follow this link to go to the Volunteer Sheet. Look it over, see those who have already volunteered and the available time slots and pick a shift or two to work. Once you know the shifts to sign up for, follow this link to go to the Volunteer Sign-up form, choose those shifts and hit submit. Jon will then add you name to the Volunteer Sheet. If you have questions, send an email to "sandwichfair -at- burlingtonroute.org".

Once your request has been processed, Jon will confirm your choices availability. The sign-up sheet will be kept updated frequently on the web site.

This is your opportunity to help the Society grow and a chance to see a great operating example of Burlington steam power, as well as enjoying the country atmosphere of the Sandwich Fair!

Sign up now! We need your help!